Frequently Asked Questions
What do you teach?
The primary forms we teach are Xing Yi, Imperial Bagua Zhang and Yang style Tai Chi.
Please see our sub-page “What We Teach…” for a more detailed description. 
What does it cost?
Learning with us is free. (With some exceptions, contact us for details) We only ask that you help perform what you learn during shows and make the commitment to being a part of our group.
Who can join?
Anyone can join. If you are willing to learn and are respectful of the traditions we uphold, we would not turn you away.
How old do you have to be?
We would like to say any age, but we prefer for students to be 10 and up.
What was LA Jin Yin Created for?
LA Jin Yin was created to further expand the tradition of Chinese Lion Dancing here in Southern California. 
What is LA Jin Yin’s purpose/goal?
We would like to bring the traditions back from being lost to the ages and endeavor to future generations to come.
Is it going to be a huge time commitment?
Like many things, the more effort you put into it, the better you will be. Bottom line is that it all depends on you. How much you want to improve and where exactly do you want to go is entirely up to you. We can help guide you to your goals but we can’t put the effort in for you. Effort on your part is paramount to your success. Practice is once a week for Martial Arts and Lion Dancing. During summers we have Dragonboat practices on the weekends. So the question really is, “Are you up for challenging yourself?”
Do I need to be in good shape to learn martial arts?
No. That’s what practice is for.
Where and when is practice?
General practices are Friday nights at 7:00pm to 11:00pm. We usually end advanced class around 11:30pm. Unless there are shows or special group events, we will have practice.
989 North Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012
As a note, the driveway is located on the left side of the building. Pull in and park in the back. There are stairs that go up to the middle door. Enter through there to get to the top floor.
How long have we been Lion Dancing?
Our group has members who have been Lion Dancing for over 20 years. Most of the senior members have at least 5 years of Lion Dancing experience.
How long have we been Dragonboating?
We have participated in Dragonboating here in Southern California since 1996. We were one of the teams that helped Dragonboat Racing gain popularity and was here from the beginning of the Annual Long Beach Dragonboat Festival. We are also a part of the recently formed Los Angeles Dragonboat Festival.

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