Who We Are…

Our group has foundations that go back for over 100 years. Our history can even be traced back to as early as 220 A.D. From the ethers of history, we are Martial Artists who perform the traditional Chinese Lion Dance to celebrate new beginnings, drive off bad spirits and foster prosperity. We are based in Los Angeles and the only cost to join is commitment to the group. We are always in search of new members to continue the traditions we hold dear.

“Be endeavoring, Be endeavoring:

Do not consider the evil so small and thus to commit it;

Do not consider the goodness so small and thus to disdain it.

Only virtue, only high conduct can win the people.”

– Emperor Lew Pei

Much in the same ways of our forefathers, we strive to instill virtue to our members. Our training is rough. Our skills are varied. We strive to master ourselves and thus our prowess is displayed.

Join us and you too could be a part of our history. A part of our legend. We are the elite group of Los Angeles. We are LA Jin Yin.

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